The Farm Experience

Females in farming

LeGae La Banareng is currently managed by a young female, Thato Moagi. Her passion in farming has allowed her to establish, maintain and grow the farm into a commercial mixed farming operation. Her aim is to inspire other women and youth into farming as well as exposing the multi faceted nature of farming and the life of living on a farm. LeGae La Banareng aims to develop females in farming specifically in developing scarce and critical skills in primary and secondary agriculture, managerial roles and agroprocessing. Farming is a viable career and business opportunity that females need to explore due to the increase in support for black youth and females in the agricultural sector by government and private sector initiatives. This phenomena is due to the fact that this sector needs to be grown to ensure that there is sufficient farmers operating viable farms contributing to the local economy and to facilitate skills and technology transfer to the next generation of farmers. Female personality attributes contribute to the successful nature that a female farmer will operate at such as patience, calmness, the ability to make decisions quickly, managing a group individuals and problem solving. Such traits are needed in farming on a daily basis, from an operations level to a structural level. It is possible to get more females interested and involved in farming, starting with exposure at primary and secondary school level then learning and experiential opportunities at tertiary level. Farming also needs a fresh image that truly depicts the nature of the business, although the job requires one to get their hands dirty, there are many ways to be innovative and imaginative


On 21 April 2015, the Agrico Manager for Modimolle, Paul van den berg donated a sign to LeGae La Banareng to congratulate them on their first season of planting as well as thanking LeGae La Banareng for the partnership in establishing 2 Agrico Nontowable Centre Pivots. Currently LeGae La Banareng is using these centre pivots for irrigation on the farm in commercial crop production (Images)

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