Experiential Learning and Training on the farm

The only way we can grow the agricultural sector is to pass on knowledge and skills to younger farmers and entrepreneurs to ensure that the youth can create solutions to modern problems in modern markets. The agricultural industry is in need of new farmers especially young people that can allowed the time to perfect their craft in farming or agribusiness.

LeGae La Banareng offers solutions by creating an avenue for young people to experience farming in a modern context. By allowing graduates and students to attend internships or learnership programmes on the farm. This 12 month programme will allow each attendee to experience the farm and its 4 seasons, be able explore mixed farming systems, have access to technology and mechanisation, be exposed to current markets, network with fellow farmers and other commercial establishments, be introduced and trained to new farming technology and products, be able to conduct a wide range of practical day to day work and running's on the farm, be exposed to all tiers of farming in primary and secondary production.

The programme will be AgriSeta affiliated that will allow each attendee to have official SAQA accreditation through a National Diploma or National Certificate in each field of study. There will be Internships offered to graduates from University or Colleges in fields of Agriculture, Engineering and Commerce, Learnerships will be offered to individuals who want to work towards a National Diploma or Certificate in a field of study, Skills Programmes will be offered to individuals that want to conduct courses offered in various skills based programmes on site.

This programme is to develop potential farmers, business owners, operators, managers, salesmen and handlers to be equipped with information and experience that will able them to replicate methods to be successful in their field.

– Practical & Experiential learning
– Skills programmes
– Coaching & Mentorship
– Schools Agritours / Learner Excursions
– Group and Individual Tasks & Assessments 

Additional Support Programmes:
– Product Information Sessions
– Security & Defence
– Safety & Health
– Environmental management
– Nature conservation
– Fire Management
– First Aid Training

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